UMTS Radio Access Network - 3G

Framework for the 3G mobile Network.

3G Mobile Network

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The 3G network built upon the architecture of the GPRS / 2.5G network. The user equipment connected through the air interface to an enhanced transiever. The improved RNC (Radio Network Controller) will switch to the phone network for phone calls or switching to an enhanced data network (SGSN).

The 3G or UMTS Radio Access Network (UTRAN) network comprises 4 sub-systems :

  • Node B is the transceiver controlling the air interface plus the logic / intelligence that switches the communication to the phone network through the 2G MSC or through the data network.
  • Radio Network Controller which controlles the switching of the network to the phone network, as GSM, or to the data network through the SGSN
  • The core network consists of a SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node which sends the data to the gateway (GGSN).
  • Operational Support is provided through the same mechanism as the GSM network with the VLR HLR EIR AUC OMC