5G Bandwidth Auction in UK

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The first stage of the OfCom auction was for bandwidth at 2.3MHz and 3.4MHz bands. This was completed on 5th April 2018

O240MHz40MHz205,896,000 +
Vodafone 50MHz378,240,000
EE 40MHz302,592,000
Three 20MHz151,296,000
  1. O2 purchased 40MHz at 2.3GHz arguably becasue it did not hold any frequency around this range in the spectrum. The others hold spectrum at 2.6MHz to use on their 4G network. O2 are able to use this on their 4G network now.
  2. Vodafone bought 40MHz of the higher frequency
  3. EE bought slightly less of the higher range spectrum
  4. Three bought the least but they owned a lot of frequency at the higher level following their purchase of relish.co.uk. Although OfCom has not yet allowed them to use their frequency for 5G

A second auction will be held in October 2019. This will be for frequency in the 700MHz range with it's use similar to the 800MHz in 3 or 4G. This has potential cover larger areas and will be used in rural area. The auction comes with some obligations namely the requirement to cover more households, more of the area of the UK and install more masts