Mobile Phone Masts

A mobile phone mast is there to make the wireless connection between the MS and the rest of the network. These masts are clearly scene in towns and countryside within the UK. Upon inspection a single mast will often have 3 sets of 2 aerials arranged in such a way that the aerial pairs cater for an arc from the mast of 12deg. Taken with other masts this gives a hexagonal area within which this mast provides the best service. Images show these to be regular hexagons; which they only could be if the masts were equally spaced, power of the mast wa the same, ground was flat and there were no obstructions between masts. In a real environment the area covered by a mast is somewhat irregular

Along roads and railways the masts used are more tightly tunes to focus the signals up and down the road or rail. Ofthe thes masts may only have two sets of aerials, pointing up and down the road or rail.