Phone Numbers

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How do we identify the mobile device? - a phone number.

  • International Network Operator is the number that identifies the Mobile Network Operator that your device is connected to. In the UK the country code is 234 or 235; and the mobile network operators are identified by a further number, the most notable being :
    • EE is 30 or 33
    • Vodafone is 15
    • O2 is 10
    • Three is 20
  • Equipment Number - each piece of equipment connecting to the mobile phone network has a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) This allows stolen or rogue pieces equipment to be refused access to the network
  • Subscriber Identity Module(SIM) will also have a unique number to identify the subscriber on the network. This is the key to accessing the services provided on the network
  • Phone Number - this is the number used to access the device. In the UK these are 11 digit numbers starting with 07 .... Often referred to by the International format for the number as +447 ...