Frequency Physics.

Not all frequencies are the same value.

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Frequencies used for mobile phone technology range from 800MHz to 2.6GHz. These frequencies have different characteristics and as such have different uses in data transmission. In fact 4G uses these extreme frequencies, one low and one high. What are the characteristics of the frequency that dictates the use.

  • Given a similar input, and a fair environment to transmit, a signal will deteriorate depending on the number of oscillations, waves. So as a rough estimate a 800MHx signal will travel over 3 times the distance of a 2.6GHz signal. [A gross generalisation but OK]. Hence Higher frequencies are more suitable for city use and lower frequency for more rural environments.
  • The amount of data sent, with the same coding scheme, is dependent on the number of waves per second. So the higher frequency will be over 3 times faster than the lower wavelength.
  • Longer wavelengths (lower frequencies) can go through walls better than shorter wavelengths (higher frequencies) so indoor use is affected if the longer wavelength is used.