4G-Drivers for the Technology

image ©telecoms.com

Why is 3g not good enough? What are the technology drivers that will give the demand for 4G technology. Because if there is not the demand then the mobile network operators will not invest, and we will not get 4G. Gartner put forward 5 technologies that require 4G networks to make them work and in doing so change modern society.

  1. Video / TV There has been a long held dream to have live TV on a mobile phone. This in addition to have off-air TV and videos services that should be available on a mobile phone via the mobile network. The demand is for standard definition TV or Video to be available on a mobile device attached to a mobile network.
  2. Office Anywhere For small organisations the provision of fixed office space and facilities can be costly, and indeed within larger firms much of the office space is not occupied 9 to 5. Add this to the need to work away from base for many individuals provides a requirement to allow mobile office software. The mobile networks need to be able to support disk storage such as Dropbox, Onedrive etc. Additionally the 4G mobile network should support online office software such as Google Docs.
  3. Music in the cloud There is a revolution in music, away from physical items such as CDs or vinyl to streaming. The 4G mobile network will support the streaming of music from organisations such as Spotify, or Apple Music.
  4. IoT. The growth and rollout of IoT requires network capacity to upload and download data. This network anywhere can be provided by the 4G mobile networks. In addition many of these IoT networks will have an associated mobile application. Health or Fitness Apps have a large mobile upload requirement.
  5. Social Multimedia Facbook Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms are with us all the time and everywhere. Many users wish up upload antime and anyplace. The 4G network needs to support this demand.