Notable Phones

Devices that changed modern society

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The start of the mobile phone revolution was in March 1973 with a large brick sized (and weighted)device that could make phone calls wirelessly on a cell based analogue phone network. This ability to make calls without wires was a revolution. Since then phones have shrunk, and got slightly bigger again. They have got less heavy and much more powerful. Now the focus is on data and we are all walking around using phones with the power of a small computer in our pocket.

Nokia 7110 (2000) The Nokia 7110 was a notable phone as it was at the start of the data revolution. Prior to the Nokia 7110 the focus was on calls with some SMS messaging. The 7110 was capable of viewing special web pages. At the time of release the phone connected to the 2G network where there was the option of data OR phone. Later with GPRS the phone could connect to always on data. Speeds were slow. A special WAP web was needed to display on the small 98x68 monochrome screen BUT this was a data phone with great potential.

Nokia 6230 (2003) The Nokia 6230 was significant because of the (small) colour screen. Also it supported HTML, to some extent, and now it was capable of delivering normal web pages in the small colour screen. the phones still uses GPRS over the 2g network. Nokia made millions of these phones as well as other similar models with similar capability. These small Nokia phones were very reliable and many people still use then, those who want a simple no frills PHONE they are great.

Nokia N95 (2007) The N95 was the flagship Noki phone which were released to deliver 3G. This phone had a much bigger colour screen making us thin about the importance of data over the phone facility. the phone also had a good camera, audio capability and advertised as supporting 3GTV. The latter was very grainy even in areas of ood coverage, but it was there. As well as being a 3G device this also continued the trend to build many features into the phone making this the "one device" we all needed.