User Equipment

Mobile devices that attach to the network

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A the user end of the mobile phone network is the equipment used by the user to connect to the wireless part of the network. Often called the mobile client or, in technical documents the Mobile Station (MS).

  • Mobile Phone - this is the first device many people think of in connection with the mobile network. Indeed the initial purpose of MPT was to provide a mechanism for mobile telephony. The simplest mobile phones are able to provide phone and text services with most able to provide much more ...
  • Smart Phones - A Smart Phone is much more than a phone, it can send and receive data. This data interface allows these small computers to carry out a variety of applications, from navigation to office facilities, from fitness recording to playing games, and much of social media is driven by these devices. There are two families of these phones (1)The Apple iPhone and (2)Android phones provided by manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, and Google. It can be argued that these devices are driving modern society. Ubiquitous.
  • Tablets - whilst many tablets work on WiFi, some of these devices have a SIM slot allowing connection to the Internet. This makes these tablets much more portable. They can connect to the Internet wherever there is a mobile network.
  • Mobile Internet Dongles - a plug in USB dongle that has a SIM inside. These, when plugged into another device such as a computer provides connection to the mobile Internet for that device. Thus they allow working on a laptop anywhere there is a mobile network. So when working in a coffee shop, a customer can use their own dongle that is more secure than the prepriority WiFi available at these establishments.
  • Mobile Routers - a router will connect WiFi devies to the Internet through (at home) an ADSL connection. A mobile router uses a SIM to connect to the Internet through 4G/5G, rather than relying on a wired connection. With the ability to connect up to 20 devices, these routers can be the core of any portable office or inded provide mobile broadband as an alternative to fixed broadband. These routers come in various sizes from a small 4cm square device to the size of a normal router.
  • IoT Devices A static IoT device can use the home or work WiFi to provide connectivity to the Internet, but a mobile IoT device cannot. Many of these mobile devices will "hotspot" with a mobile phone, Many will have MPT inbuilt to be self standing and capable to connecting to the Internet whilst mobile.