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This is 5G!

A series of 8 podcasts discussing the merits (or otherwise) of the new 5G technology.

  1. What will we use this 5G for?
  2. How did we get here – History of MPT 1G – 5G & 6G
  3. Getting 5G to the users – How does 5G work.
  4. A Little Physics
  5. 5G Broadband
  6. Industrial Applications
  7. Health Based Applications
  8. Mobile Phone Applications on 5G
1 - What will we use this 5G for?

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In this edition I talk about what 5G will be used for. In particular talking about the 3 aspects of 5G Applications

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband
  • Massive Machine Type Communication
  • Ultra-Reliable Comms

2 - How did we get here - the history of MPT.

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5G did not come out of the blue - there is a history over 35 years leading from the first mobile phones to 5G. This history gives us some hints about how we will use 5G and whay we are where we are.

  • 1G - Analogue Mobile Phones
  • 2G - The move to gigital
  • 3G - Adding the Internet
  • 4G - All Bout Data
  • 5G - Faster and Faster?
  • 6G? - What next?

3 - getting 5G to the users.

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How does the 5G get to the users. All about connecting to the Radio Access Network and the Core network.

4 - a little physics.

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5G uses radio waves that are part of the electro-magnetic spectrum and they behave as such. Here I will explain a little of the physics undrlying all EMF and 5G in particular.

5 - 5G Broadband.

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5G can provide broadband direct to your home - no wires. Here I will explain the advantages that 5G broadband may have over standard broadband.

6 - Industrial Applications of 5G.

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5G is more than providing a faster experience for phone users. 5G is about industrial applications as well. Here I will talk about a few.

7 - Health Care Applications of 5G.

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5G has great potential to transform a number of our Health Care systems. Here I will look at 5 possibilities.

8 - 5G and Mobile Phone Apps.

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What exciting applications can we look forward to on our 5G phone? Here I will look at 5 applications that 5G will deliver to our phones.