SIM Deals

SIM only deals on Mobile Network Operators

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On each of the mobile phone operator sites there is a wide variety of mobile phones available at a variety of SIM tariffs. In order to compare products the cost of the device must be taken out of the equation and so here SIM only deals are compared

The pricing for SIM only deals is overwhelming and confusing with many operators offerring different prices on the same or similar products, and higher prices on weaker products. For example THREE offers a data only SIM varying from 1Gb at £7.50 per month to 40Gb at £23 for a 12 month contract.

The mobile network operators are now looking to sell data packages with large amounts of data. The table below shows the cost of the largest data packages advertised on their web sites (11/5/21) for both Phone+Data and Data only SIMS. These values are for 24 month contacts and unlimited data unless qualified.

Data onlyPhone Plus Data
O2£34 (1)£25 (2)
Vodafone£33 (3)£30 (3)
EE200Gb at £23£37 (2)
(1) 12 month contract
(2) Includes a benefit, free subscriuotuiion tio an online service for 6 months.
(3) Proces of rthe unlimited Max service.
The phone plus data prices look to be less per gigabyte per month and given all networks allow unlimited tethering it may be worth purchasing a Phone plus Data SIM and only use the data.